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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

April 11, 2007

Wild Kingdom

Buster and I were having our usual morning stroll down the beach, when suddenly I realized we were not alone. A pair of giant pelicans had decided to join us. The four of us went from Largs Pier to Semaphore Pier (the town next door), Buster and I on the sand and the pelicans just off the shore. At Semaphore, the pelicans remembered they had serious business elsewhere and were off. As Buster and I made our way back to Largs, I caught something new out of the corner of my eye. No further than 20 feet of shore, a small pod of dolphins had stopped in to say hello. The dolphins kept us company until we were back at our own pier and it was time to head home. Buster was unimpressed, but I think I’m in heaven.


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