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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Friday, March 30, 2007


For reasons that should be obvious to the casual observer, it's been a tough week. So tough, in fact, that when I got stood up by the students who were supposed to meet me for drinks/pupus and then discovered that the place we were to meet had lost its liquor licence anyway, I took myself to the casino. Although technically I was spending another night alone, at least I was off the streets. Hey, I only lost $14.00. Much better than the old guy sitting next to me who told me that he could have hit the royal flush and still not made up his losses. Ok, I'll tell you the truth. I was down almost $60 before I hit a couple of 4 of a kinds almost in a row. When I realized that I'd recouped all but $14 of my losses, I said to the old guy sitting next to me, "The intelligent girl would get up and walk away right now." Which is exactly what I did. My incredible restraint cheered me right up. God (as you do or do not believe him or her to exist) (or not) bless the Adelaide Central Rail Station (and Casino).


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