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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Dogs: Not Just for Breakfast Anymore

I was walking Buster on the beach when I discovered something dog-owners have undoubtedly known for centuries. When dogs meet, their people do, too. Buster and I were minding our own business, well, rather Buster was minding the flock of seagulls business and I was minding Busters business, when along came a Huskie (or something) puppy who could only be described as simply beautiful, in a shockingly adorable puppy kind of way. Then along came his owner, who could also be described as simply beautiful, in a shockingly adorable grown-man-not-wearing-a-ring kind of way. Needless to say, I turned on the gaydar. And got no feedback. We simultaneously leashed our dogs, who were busy greeting each other in traditional doggie style, and stumbled over words apologizing for any inconvenience our dog had caused the others dog. As he was explaining his puppies need to learn how to behave with other dogs and I was blabbering about how simply beautiful, in a shockingly adorable puppy kind of way his dog was, our eyes met. We smiled at each other. Then my fourteen-year-old 60-pound dog bit his 9-week-old 10-pound puppy. I apologized profusely and he insisted that his puppy was fine, but the moment was gone. As they walked down the beach and away from Buster and me, I realized I hadn’t gotten either of their names.

Still, lesson learned.


  • At 12:35 AM, Blogger Kim Binsted said…

    Not on topic, but I have to run this by you.
    So, I have to use up every damn thing in my fridge and freezer, for reasons stated elsewhere. Now, my freezer's pretty great (thanks in no small part to Kristin stashing her excess there), but I'm down to some Iron-Chef-challenging combos. Tonight, I just threw together every damn thing that could arguably go in a chowder, and since the best working definition of "chowder" I've ever heard is "every damn thing in your freezer thrown together", this was a recipe (or lack thereof) for disaster.
    Or so I thought. The result was fucking delicious. My question to you, Oh Chef, is why?

    Ingredients and process all mishmashed together:
    Drink some cheap white wine. Fry some onions in some olive oil. All the best recipes start that way.

    Shit, no garlic. Aha, some frozen pesto! Chuck that shit in.

    There has to be something fresh in this house. Hmm. Well, the spring potatoes have been there a while, but they look nice. Quarter them, chuck them in.

    Mm, needs liquid. Hmm. I have duck stock, but that isn't in the seafood theme. Oooh, but it looks nice. Pretty stock. Pretty, pretty stock. The stock goes in.

    Gotta balance the duck with some actual seafood. I have, hrm, a can of clams, squid steaks (chop those up), and a couple of fish that Riley the neighbor's kid caught yesterday. Look like mackerel, he said the Hawai'ian word was "lai". Chuck'em all in.

    [Taking a sip.] Ooh, can't forget the wine. [Pour in a glass of cheap chablis.]


    [Taking a sip.] Ooh, can't forget the wine. [Pour in a glass of cheap chablis.]

    Wait. Take dog for a walk. Watch "Nacho Libre". Wonder what that nice smell is.

    Oooh, yummy! But wait, my chowder biases are kicking in. MUST ADD DAIRY PRODUCTS. So, in goes the rest of the ghee from last night, plus a splotch of low fat milk, just enough to make it cloudy and acceptable to my chowder sensibilities.

    DAMN!!! So, Chef Person, was it the stock? The serendipitous combination of ingredients? Or was it the cheap Chablis consumed during the cooking process? I stand by your verdict.

  • At 1:01 AM, Blogger Kim Binsted said…

    Another question:

    For reasons beyond my control (cf. Marc the Mad Frenchman), I'm going to be doing aerobatics for 20 minutes or so a week from now. -2G to +4G. All sorts of excitement.

    My question to you is: If I brought a jar of cream with me, and strapped it to my leg, would I end up with butter?

    Any thoughts welcome.

  • At 11:01 AM, Anonymous Lora said…

    I think you know what beach to go to at approximately what time, with an appropriate "apology" token (invitation for a glass of wine, perhaps?).

    And Kim, I hope you have some leftover chowder. Glad you documented the, um, recipe/chuk the freezer combo!


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