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Monday, June 04, 2007

May 30, 2007

The Second Last Supper

The night before I moved out, the house was packed and ready for the movers (“removalists”) arrival the following morning. Hungry, but with nothing to cook and nothing to cook it in, the skinny L’s and I made our way to Larg’s Pier Restaurant, Hotel (and Casino) for the second last supper. Louise ordered a schnitzel, something loved by the locals but I have yet to try, and Carol and I opted to split the previously tested pizza margarita. Louise counted the men as they passed by our table on their way to the men’s room (she was facing the door purely coincidental I assure you) as we vowed to keep in touch and exclaimed grandly about the universe having brought us together in the first place. We then determined that we couldn’t possibly let this be our last night and made a date for them to come to dinner at Ruth’s two nights later.

I had a bit of Louise’s schnitzel and it was delicious.


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