And I Can Cook, Too

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

What's in a Name?

As I launch headfirst into writing my dissertation, one of my main procrastination techniques is to take time out and think about the perfect title for my paper. The focus of the dissertation is the use of food as characters in I Love Lucy, The Beverly Hillbillies, All in the Family, The Cosby Show, Rosanne, Married with Children, Home Improvement, and Murphy Brown. The working title,"Why is it funny when food is out of control?" just doesn't cut the mustard in terms of wit and intrigue, so I turn to you.

All suggestions will be given equal consideration, and the author of the winning title will get dinner, cooked by me at some point in the future, complete with a lovely bottle of South Australian wine.

Come on folks, don't let me down!

Saturday, October 06, 2007


Well, I've spent my week at home, sick in bed, with a cold. But never fear! I'm better now and off to the Adelaide Fairgrounds Farmers Market to purchase local delectables. I'll report back later.