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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

July 20, 2007

Honolulu City Lights

After a blessedly uneventful flight, was back on Oahu for the first time in over five months. I was neither entirely sure how I’d feel about being back on-island, nor who exactly whom I would see while there. I arrived at my hotel hours too early for check in, and used the courtesy room to rinse off and prepare myself for a day on the beach. After months of Australian winter, the sun washed over my skin like chocolate, and I could smell the achingly familiar flowers in the sea air. I lunched at the Shorebird (ahi, ahi, ahi!), got myself checked in to my room, and realized that I was destined for an early bedtime. Despite being on a tight budget, I decided that I would end my day on a much loved and missed sunset catamaran sail. The sun set over the water, the city lights came to life, I looked towards the Koolau’s and couldn’t believe how good it felt to be home.


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