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Friday, March 17, 2006

March 5, 2006
Waking up the morning after the luau was like crawling out from under a steamroller. If I’d had even a drop to drink, I’d never have made it to the 9am Dolphin Excursion Cruise. Upon arrival at Waianae Boat Harbor, I found the rest of the group nursing various stages of hangover. The first hour on the 20-person zodiac confirmed that we weren’t going to see much more whale than the flukes, and we veered off to find some dolphins. A few moments later we were surrounded. Dozens upon dozens of spinners were soon playing and spinning all around the boat. Eventually they abandoned us, and it was time to find the perfect snorkel spot.

We anchored off Makaha Beach, and from the boat watched the Big Kahuna Surf Contest, “The Biggest Surf Contest in the World.” Each competing surfer weighed in at over 300 lbs! As the snorkelers dove in, they announced that the water was bitter freezer cold, which was all I needed to hear to stay on the boat. The captain’s matey circled the snorkelers on a surfboard to keep them out of trouble. I enjoyed the view from the zodiac. As I watched, the surfers started swimming in for what I presumed to be a break in the contest.

At that point, the captain’s phone rang. “Oh, yah?” he said into the phone, “Ohh, d’as why dey pull ‘em all out? Maybe he jus’ come by for one Budweiser.” He hung up the phone and called to his matey, “Bring ‘em in, and stay behind em.” “Is there a problem, captain?” I inquired. “Nah,” he said, “jus’ time to come in.”

The following mornings paper revealed that a 12-foot tiger shark had been spotted lurking Makaha Beach the day before, keeping a low profile between the surfers and the snorkelers. Tiger sharks, for those who don’t know, are fierce predators that will eat just about anything. One Budweiser, my a**.


  • At 11:49 AM, Anonymous Lora said…

    I absolutely LOVE reading this blog. It's a mini vacation every time I log on, and it's a great way to follow my great friend's adventures, too, since she's oot and aboot so much.


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