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Thursday, October 26, 2006

June 10, 2006

Take A Walk on the Wild Side

My husband and I arrived at the first destination of our family vacation: the Wisconsin Dells, “The Waterpark Capitol of the World” ™. We met my husbands family at our hotel and I was immediately struck by the fashionable décor. The hotel featured a log cabin motif, complete with ceramic bear cubs climbing plastic trees, furniture covered with duck patterned fabric, and fake stuffed moose heads on the walls. The resorts main attraction is the 250,00 square foot water park, every square inch of which is indoors. After check in, we climbed the “pine log” steps to our room, donned our swimsuits and plastic admission wristbands, and set out to get wet. A barge ferried us across a man made lake to the waiting shuttle bus that delivered us to Klondike Kavern. There we spent the day shooting each other with water guns shaped like cute little bunnies on big-coiled springs, climbing the “rock” steps to the Plexiglas water slide, and floating in inner tubes down the Bonanza River. After our day in the “sun”, we shuttled and barged back to our room. The discussion about dinner ended when we noticed the pizza delivery coupon left on the counter for our convenience. We hit the switch for the gas fireplace, sat down on our duck covered couch, gazed out at the man made lake, and waited for dinner.

The name of the hotel? Why, “Wilderness”, of course.


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