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Monday, February 20, 2006

Renewal of Vows

February 19, 2006
As I look back at the month, I realize that when I am alone in my apartment, I indulge myself by sinking into the pit of despair. I’ve treated my depression with nothing but grilled cheese sandwiches, (which, yes, were done on the grill, but still), microwaved frozen dinners, pre-packaged salad blends, and, I’ll admit it, Morningstar Farms Corn Dogs. Clearly, something’s gotta give.

As of today I am renewing my vow to live off the grill. As a sign of my commitment I have invited Lora to join me for dinner tonight, which I will cook completely on the grill come rain or shine. Unless big gusts of wind make it impossible. Wish me luck.


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