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Monday, February 20, 2006

Feb. 18, 2006
Last night Kim and I went to see our friend Jessie play Charlotte in a production of Charlotte’s Web. Upon our arrival at the theatre we discovered that we’d gotten the time wrong, and the play wouldn’t start for a half an hour. Not being the type to stand around and wait for thirty minutes, I quickly weighed our options. We could stand around and wait for thirty minutes, or we could race to the nearest watering hole, power drink, race back, and arrive just before curtain. Kim was dubious. “Look,” I reasoned, “five minutes there, five minutes to order, fifteen minutes to drink, five minutes back. It can be done.” Convinced, we were off. We arrived at Haleiwa Joe’s to find the parking lot crammed, and a line of people out the door. While Kim looked for parking, I went in to start the futile search for a seat at the bar. Just as I was about to call uncle, I heard my name. Right behind me sat Anne and Richard, not only with a table, but just about to leave! It was at this moment that I decided to re-think my stance on the existence of God. With many a glare from the line of people at the door, the table traded hands.

Kim and the waitress arrived, and we explained our plight. We now had 20 minutes, 15 to drink and pay, 5 to get to the show. Once the waitress assured us it could be done, Kim raised the stakes by order Black and Blue Ahi. This time I was skeptical, but she was caught up in the moment and sure we had the time. Within three minutes our drinks were served, and much to my amazement the Ahi arrived before ten had passed. With 5 luxurious minutes to spare, we sipped our gin, savored our sashimi, paid the bill, and were off. As the curtain rose I sighed with contentment. It just goes to show what you can accomplish if you’re determined.


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