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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Friday, February 23, 2007

Turn the Radio On

I spent most of my day on campus trying to resolve little issues like student loan documentation, which I had not yet received and without which I would not be issued my student insurance card, and the even little-er issue of my student visa, which I was still without. We’d been told in a post-graduate information session that as fabulous Le Cordon Bleu students we were allowed to join the faculty/staff Adelaide Club, which featured hot meals, a full bar, a wine shop, a lounging room, and most importantly, a complete lack of 18-22 year olds. As usual, I misunderstood the instructions, and mistakenly called the president of the post-grad student union, thinking she had the forms to sign up. A brief conversation cleared up my mistake, and soon I was standing in the Adelaide Club, filling out my application. While I was there, my phone rang. It was the president of the PGSU, asking if I’d actually told her that I was studying gastronomy. I confirmed, and she informed me that she had a show on the University’s radio station, and would I like to come on over and test to do 6 10-minute blurbs about my opinion on all things culinary? Of course I would! I went, we chatted, we recorded for five minutes, and my first two blurbs are due Friday. Let’ s see…newspaper, radio…that just leaves television, right?

Only two more days in the horrible hostel.


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